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There is a nutritional alternative for almost all drugs.  You may have to dig a bit to find the one you are looking for.... but the time and effort spent doing so will be well rewarded.  

FYI - A bit of Humor never hurts.....

“I’ve got a weak back.”
“How long have you had it?”
“Oh, about a week back.”
(The Three Stooges) 


Head Lice are small about 1/32 to 1/16 inch in size. They can grow to almost an 1/8 inch, in some cases. They do not fly or jump. They do crawl and scurry about the hair and scalp. It is best to use a bright light to examine the hair and scalp. The brighter the light the easier to find. 

Even if you do not find any live lice, you may still have a problem. So also look for nits, these are the eggs laid by female lice. Nits are found attached to the individual hair shaft, close to the scalp; usually not more than 1 inch above the scalp. If you see what might be one, blow on it - If it flies off on the wind - it was likely only a piece of dirt, lint, or dandruff.


Vickie's Head Lice Remedy
Eliminate your lice problems now, with
my proven all natural head lice home recipe mixes with your favorite shampoo or conditioner. Creates Soft Smooth Shiny -  Lice Free Hair!

I am an ex smoker thanks to Nicocure. I tried everything; patches, cold turkey, gum, hypnosis..... But This is the one that Works and It's Guaranteed!

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"I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too" 

A Natural Arthritis Remedy... No Drugs... No Secret Formula..

43 - Year Sufferer of Arthritis Shocks her Doctor (Who predicted She'd soon need a wheelchair) with her natural arthritis Cure without expensive medicastions or surgeries!  She now challanges you to do the same!



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